The listed projects below are published just to give you an idea about my data related skills and general area of interests... 

(Since this website is my new setup,  I'm still uploading my past work but it takes time. Last update: 13 Jul 2023.)

This project is an interactive tutorial for my lab students to make an introduction to R programming and R Markdown. It has also a quiz in the end.

This is the follow-up part of first basic tutorial with grading features. Objective to teach basic descriptive statistics functions in R with a story.

This project is just to illustrate my R shiny skills on a live application. You can upload a data in csv or excel format and it will create the chosen type of graph.

Text analysis made on United Nations Sustainable Development targets document by using NRC dictionary and word cloud in R.

I'm explaining how to use SQL inside the R with examples!

Explanation of different data sampling methods and how to do this in R.

I'm explaining one of the most confusing subject; server-ui relation and command flow in a simplified and animated way for beginners to R shiny.

I'm explaining one of my longest, yet proud projects done in years 2011-2014 with MS Access + VBA + SQL + Oracle DB + OLE DB

A project I did during the MIT's Data Science and ML course in Python.

This was a case study I completed during my Power BI learning journey. It's a showcase of a professional dashboard done from the scratch and completed.

This was a dashboard I created on Power BI over another Datacamp case study. This time, dashboard design is completely different than the case study itself.

Presentation made with R and ioslides: An overview to inflation in U.S. and people's reaction to the inflation with different aspects from Google searches to household debts.

I'm showing how to create a randomized data with also random correlations between variables in R by introducing noise factors to the randomization process.